Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 29, Rally for Bradley Manning, Ft. Leavenworth Prison

Today there was a rally for Bradley Manning outside the prison in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas where he is currently being held.  I am incredibly disappointed and saddened to report that aside from myself and one other photographer, there were less than 10 people there.  I don't understand this.  He has such a huge support group online.  I really thought there would be a huge turnout to support this courageous young man.
Those of us that did gather, stood outside the gates of the prison with a few signs & we got a few honks of support from cars driving by but no one else stopped.
We eventually drove to the backside of the prison, parked on a county road and I took photos of the soldiers taking photos of us while one woman shouted her support on a megaphone.  Within ten minutes the sheriff arrived to tell us to leave which we did.
What a sad show of support.  I'd rather he didn't even know we were there.  I will be hounding the hell out of everyone I know to participate in the next one.  Get ready.